The National Debt: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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The national debt has long been portrayed as a burden we’re placing on future generations. John Oliver discusses how national debt works, why people are so concerned about it, and why it might be more helpful that you think.
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  1. Bruce Gorton
    Bruce Gorton
    2 timmar sedan

    The dollar is the world's reserve currency - used to buy oil, which is more or less what runs the world economy. This means that every other country in the world needs to buy dollars, in order to buy oil oil, in order to do things maintaining their supply chains, have modern agriculture, and of course produce plastics. US foreign debt is basically how many dollars are held by other countries. That debt is traded in order to buy oil. Oil consumption is expected to rise with economic growth, so economies trying to spur growth want more dollars to prepare for that. The upshot of this being, in order to stimulate growth the rest of the world needs the US to be willing to borrow money so that they can use that debt to buy oil. Hiking interest rates on that debt makes the countries involved less desirable creditors, so they don't do it. That is why the US debt rises but interest rates on that debt fall.

  2. Jessica Smith
    Jessica Smith
    2 timmar sedan

    Debt is debt, there is no such thing as good debt.

  3. Joyce Talbot
    Joyce Talbot
    3 timmar sedan

    The material lyocell multivariately introduce because fine progressively jail forenenst a giant spider. internal, sturdy sponge

  4. Bal Loney
    Bal Loney
    3 timmar sedan

    Let's play golf instead, and tell lies, and dream dream dream and say "it is what it is". No solutions, "it will go away, the pandemic."

  5. Spit Dragon
    Spit Dragon
    3 timmar sedan

    This isn't racist By saying that, it is racist

    1. Spit Dragon
      Spit Dragon
      3 timmar sedan

      Right? Because that's how ReEEEEPSYCHOpublican tactics work?

  6. Pablo Tre
    Pablo Tre
    4 timmar sedan

    Sounds like big people are running out of money

  7. z5m2
    4 timmar sedan

    Fiercely left leaning, and anti conservative in presentation. I haven't seen JO in a little while...didn't realize how ouvertly politically one sided he's become. The conclusion could've been the same without the bashing of conservatives IMO.

  8. Thomas Jones
    Thomas Jones
    4 timmar sedan

    Yeah, climate change has already fucked us. There won't be any great grandchildren.

  9. Gott
    4 timmar sedan

    I was holding my like until the Ted Cruz rhyme

  10. Luis Mendoza
    Luis Mendoza
    4 timmar sedan

    It hasn't happened, but there's going to be SUPER inflation

  11. Elizabeth Ibsen
    Elizabeth Ibsen
    4 timmar sedan

    I paid off my credit card while listening to this video. Thanks for reminding me to look. :D

  12. Gott
    4 timmar sedan

    Imagine Republicans beeing as concerned for the future generations when it comes to debt as when it comes to climate change

    1. dolimi jotoo
      dolimi jotoo
      4 timmar sedan

      Do I get negotiate my contract with China before we are turned into slaves? Is there any wiggle room? Any group discounts? Membership card? You know Americans love free

  13. Jim Pink
    Jim Pink
    4 timmar sedan

    Every time the National Debt gets brought up I think "Unless you're personally going to do something about it, instead of just complaining...please take the Shut Fuck Up exit 3 flights down to Hell then up your ass to the left"

  14. Jeff Nolan
    Jeff Nolan
    4 timmar sedan

    Nothing like foreigner comedians telling me how to feel about politics. Trump gave you and many more jobs! Now you have nothing to cry about. What about the democratic party doesn't feel like a cult? Seriously all Democrats think and agree on everything and every issue. You're selling out your true talent of satire observation and your origin fan base . Government still won't let you have an audience? Stop pushing anti-American ideas to the sheep. Thanks for the good times on comedy central.

  15. Tom Joles
    Tom Joles
    5 timmar sedan

    This is very lazy reporting. No mention of the Federal Reserve and monetary policy. No mention of Lord Obama’s $10 trillion. No mention of vast fraud waste and abuse. No mention of unfunded liabilities. No mention of poorly conceived social programs. Just typical throw more money at poor people and it will fix all the problems. Blame Richie Rich and whitey. Your show sucks more and more each week. Typical narrow minded liberal douche.

  16. jerfox86
    5 timmar sedan

    Is that a clip from Elden Ring at 21:32 (the sparks)? Or maybe Dark Souls? It looks SOOO familiar! What is it?

  17. Luca Ferrieri
    Luca Ferrieri
    5 timmar sedan

    imagine if the average american knew as much about our debt as a British comedian that got his start on Comedy Central.

  18. Josh Knoxville
    Josh Knoxville
    6 timmar sedan

    yeah but money is getting weaker and the price of everything seems to be rising quicker then normal inflation. If bills were $14,000 per year making $17,000 per year and now the bills are $19,000 per year making $20,000 per year... how is this helping us? I am ok with a limited saftey net UBI(routine stimulus checks) and universal healthcare but only if we pay for it with Vat tax. End the drug war. Create a toxicicity of substances tax, which would also change the way people eat, and help lower healthcare cost. Marijuana and Alcohol tax = money toward public healthcare and VAT tax and Made in China tarriffs for UBI sounds like a good plan to me. However the government should keep a road block of sorts on Fyntenal(and altered versions) and Methamphatmine for liability reasons for drugs the have a solid easy to prove case of deady toxicity at any dose by a board of proffessional doctors with no biast financial connections to pharmeceutical companies with no authoriy to determine RX just legality over all.

  19. marco valeriani
    marco valeriani
    6 timmar sedan

    i forgot an incident that bank of america said im under $25 dollar minimum the account so you must pay a $35 penalty fee. miami kids spent $55 in mcdonalds and $1000 at a "notgetting sued place" and took my money. bofa charged the monthly fee and the penalty fee but gave the stolen bank card charges. they raised my inteerst rates! the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. trump proved what non-greedy morons like hard working americans are.

  20. George Hanna
    George Hanna
    6 timmar sedan

    This show is contributing to the further political polarization of America.

  21. 1982Nels
    6 timmar sedan

    So simplistic. Interest rates are low NOW. When they go up to 10% or heaven forbid the 18% numbers we saw in the late 70s. You use an expert from a labor union. Heck, he's not biased. This was a partisan rant that went on and on. Man, I miss Jon Stewart.

  22. Ivan Se Hoo
    Ivan Se Hoo
    6 timmar sedan

    Phewh... Thankfully John Oliver is only a comedian... Now do the Border crisis

  23. J K
    J K
    6 timmar sedan

    Hey, young man! Wipe the butt down. Hey, young man. Do it again n'dagain. If ya don't do it, I would smack you down. If ya don't do it, I would hurt you down. Down row-bow!

  24. Davy Erni
    Davy Erni
    7 timmar sedan

    there is no national debt . just debt interest over loans the governmenst payed 0% debt over . yet they force the people to pay ghost Debt interest . here is how corrupt banks work . you put one dollar/euro/pound/shilling whatever in the bank . the banks loan out your 1 , 3 more times and all the debt interest from those 3 loaned out coins that never even existed . they let the public pay back . it is grand theft money . our money . this is how banks go from your 1 to their 3x profits in just 28 steps . before they reach a million WAKE UP !

  25. Stan O
    Stan O
    7 timmar sedan

    Bring the audience back!!

  26. James Dow
    James Dow
    7 timmar sedan

    I dont know what's worse, that republicans only pretend to care about the debt or that Democrats dont even acknowledge it.

  27. Safety First
    Safety First
    7 timmar sedan

    Do I get negotiate my contract with China before we are turned into slaves? Is there any wiggle room? Any group discounts? Membership card? You know Americans love free stuff. May be thrown in shirt. No one is paying for new factories with $2000.00... They are not even paying their medical bills and how many times are we going to have to bailout the same motor companies?

  28. Thomas Malloy
    Thomas Malloy
    7 timmar sedan

    If you borrow money at good rates to invest it and make even more money than you would have had had you not borrowed it, then that is GOOD debt. If you borrow money at good rates to buy a sports car that you never intend to actually pay for in a system where your children are responsible for the payments when you stop working, that is BAD debt. America's debt is the latter. 1/2 of what the federal gov't does is pointless ($25 million for gender studies in Pakistan???) and even the essential parts of it can probably be run with 1/2 the staff.

  29. Russ
    7 timmar sedan

    not gonna lie. even my 12 year old cringed at that ending. surprised that was even green lit.

  30. J. Angel Cruz
    J. Angel Cruz
    7 timmar sedan

    Trashed reagan and cruz in one episode? THANK YOU JOHN OLIVER!!!!

  31. Patryk Galikowski
    Patryk Galikowski
    7 timmar sedan

    Well China is in debt to USA and USA is in debt to China but the difrence is that the CCP will never pay

  32. PoeticPursuits
    8 timmar sedan

    I think we should also mention that Biden kinda sorta worked hard to make Bush's tax cuts kinda permanent.

  33. Melodious
    8 timmar sedan

    ... did we just re-discover the National Captial Budget here..?

  34. Alexander Kibarian
    Alexander Kibarian
    8 timmar sedan

    I made this a couple months ago, I hope you like it, John. I do not like that man Ted Cruz He smells like flavored cocktail booze He left his people in a hurry and in response, he got a flurry of angry, frozen, and tired people that man Ted Cruz is a sheeple He has no honor or respect that man Ted Cruz we should reject. When times are tough and it's looking bad Please stand up and lend a hand.

  35. blank slate
    blank slate
    8 timmar sedan

    condensed message from our masters which now have a man in the white house: As per usual, the DM consensus comes shouted out off this amusing Englishman's entertainmen office. In Brief: It's fine to be in debt to China. Don't worry. suck it up baby. Grow the fuck up to see that you are not more enslaved by more debt. As a matter of fact Debt it good!

  36. Ziggy 'Fibonacci' Stardust
    Ziggy 'Fibonacci' Stardust
    8 timmar sedan

    Such a dumb segment. It's not about the debt. It's about the increase of the M1 and M2 money supply. This segment fails Econ 101!

  37. Bryan Roschetzky
    Bryan Roschetzky
    8 timmar sedan

    Too bad elon musk is doing more for humanity then anyone else on earth

    1. Number Nine
      Number Nine
      8 timmar sedan

      That is crazy.

  38. Versusdelyxe
    8 timmar sedan

    Meanwhile Panic in Germany when the Dept goes over 2 trillion.

  39. Dryndal
    8 timmar sedan

    I like this man, Oliver John, He knows the way to carry on, He seems to know the way to go, Ted Cruz, he has some trouble though, This Ted is why we have to try, To make sure we will not all die, Because of his "right" way to deal with everything we ought to feel. So if you feel, that something's wrong, It's because this dude is still having the right to say anything he wants, regardless of what the actual truth is... SAD... Right??... Yes... sad... Greetz from poland fellow human beings :) P.S. poland with a lower case "p" was intentional, because we should not be putting our birth place i HIGH regards... Just because you were born in some part of the world, doesn't make you a nationalist... and if you ask me... historically... nationalist IS A BAD WORD!! A VERY BAD WORD!!! It means DEATH to everybody else in the long run... So please be careful not to repeat our old mistakes :) Prettttty Please!!... Thank you :) GREEEEEETZ :)

    1. Dryndal
      8 timmar sedan

      P.S. everytime I hear "god bless the united states of america", I hear "hail hitler." and it frightens me very much... VERY much...

  40. Michael Light
    Michael Light
    8 timmar sedan

    debt kinda seems meaningless if there's no one coming to collect. That's the bottom line, right? When does america have to pay it back? And how do you make america pay?

  41. Silas Baker
    Silas Baker
    8 timmar sedan

    Bro why did humans have to evolve to make the world like this 😂😂😂

  42. ncooty
    8 timmar sedan

    Republican axioms: 1) Government should only do what businesses cannot. 2) Government should run like a business. 3) The sole aim of businesses is to maximize profits. 4) The government cannot turn a profit. If the idiocy isn't clear, you might be a Republican.

  43. Ann Nonymous
    Ann Nonymous
    8 timmar sedan

    Money is a grey area... It's all about trust. Things are always more fragile than we think.

  44. ncooty
    8 timmar sedan

    Disappointed to hear LWT rely on the standard growth-based justification, as if there are no limits to growth (unless we reorient the definition if growth, which wasn't mentioned). Also disappointed at the conflation of monetary and fiscal perspectives.

  45. insideHARDWARE
    9 timmar sedan

    Puppet. Another episode about 2 political sides and not the actual topic stated.

  46. Jim Larkin
    Jim Larkin
    9 timmar sedan

    Mulvaney nailed it

  47. Matthew K
    Matthew K
    9 timmar sedan

    Dog having a blast during a riot about to chase down a tear gas grenade 15:15

  48. Penguin King
    Penguin King
    9 timmar sedan

    Social programs are investments in people. The returns on getting people solvent, educated and in the workforce are astronomical. Declining interest rates reflect a lack of faith in the future value of money. The middle class has low expectations for the future because they are losing ground. The wealthy have more wealth than they know what to do with. Financial returns are declining because the middle class cannot maintain the demand needed to keep that much wealth invested. Deficits are a reflection of the government stepping in and replacing middle class demand. But as wealth has concentrated at the top, money no longer bounces around to stimulate the local economy. It is almost immediately sucked up to the investment class. Government spending is losing it's effectiveness. Inflation happens when supply can't keep up with demand. Reagan killed inflation by increasing the wealth in the entrepreneurial class at the cost of the demand class. But our government has over shot the mark and without significant change, the imbalances will only grow faster. The problem with our current policies is that the middle class is running out of money.

  49. Chris Montes
    Chris Montes
    9 timmar sedan

    Agree Both parties throughout the history of the Federal Reserve have overspent about the same. They both give money or in the Republicans case cut taxes to their buddies and the population gets screwed because thet never benefit from either party.

  50. Bo K.
    Bo K.
    9 timmar sedan

    While this is a fantastic video overall, I guess he did not see that February 2021 had RECORD tax revenue (in the midst of the pandemic with Dem states (stifling economic activity) with their lockdowns. Problem is, NOT the Trump tax cuts (and Trump era pandemic spending) is total goverment spending as February 2021 was also RECORD DEFICIT SPENDING AS WELL. I forgive democrats for not knowing this tidbit of info as they are manipulated by the american version of pravda on the left. On the right, while fox is no beacon, at least other small outlets try to throw some truth and reality in their reporting.

  51. Bill No name
    Bill No name
    9 timmar sedan

    I assure u this nations new generation finna change it all, adderall n astorid mining ai plastic pickin up robots finna come in clutch I just wanna collapse, I don’t think it’s bout the money I think the world is rigged

  52. G. L. Holdren
    G. L. Holdren
    9 timmar sedan

    Anti-debt Republicans are exactly like anti-war Democrats.

  53. Shly Hoit
    Shly Hoit
    9 timmar sedan

    To summarize: Dems good, GOP bad. People view this and take all the Democrat talking points to heart. You're being brainwashed. Be aware of what type of content you consume and do your own research. Go out to prove yourself wrong.

  54. RaceRed GT
    RaceRed GT
    9 timmar sedan

    Spending more money than you make every year is bad. Regardless of this shill.

  55. Crimson Sea
    Crimson Sea
    10 timmar sedan

    Good thing I borrow money to invest on my well being, by buying and smoking weeeed...heeheehee

  56. HmmHuh
    10 timmar sedan

    are you serious? national debt is not a bad thing? Oliver lost his way. He used to be objective. Companies get a lot of scrutiny if there is not trend in debt reduction over time. This is it for this show, as it became a political tool as well.

  57. Alex 41.3
    Alex 41.3
    10 timmar sedan

    These assholes arguing "WE HAVE NO MONEY" then turning around and saying "hey massive coporations that increase their bottom line by purposefully shafting their workers, how about you get a tax break"

  58. Truth Prevails
    Truth Prevails
    10 timmar sedan

    It's competitive devaluation. Everyone prints more money. Since all are naked, skin is the new shirt or pant (as you prefer). The problem is if the other money printing economy is more productive. Then they print even more money and get further ahead. So you are screwed if you just party and do nail art while Germans, Japanese, Koreans, Chinese and Taiwanese put their money to better use. 10 years more and you wish you had been wiser.

  59. Kawanna Ridout
    Kawanna Ridout
    10 timmar sedan

    p.s. the first line of john mccain's obituary should have been "chose worst vice-presidential candidate, sarah palin as his running mate in history of the country."

  60. Harmen Greven
    Harmen Greven
    10 timmar sedan

    @johnoliver I love your work. = #AdamCurtis

  61. Jason Cook
    Jason Cook
    10 timmar sedan

    Name the country that spent its way to prosperity.

  62. harryfbrice
    10 timmar sedan

    Right to repair with Louis Rossman!

  63. Kawanna Ridout
    Kawanna Ridout
    10 timmar sedan

    just an ordinary accounting person here. if limpuglicants want to run government like a bidness may i suggest taking a business accounting class. there are other columns on that magic "budget" they are ignoring. like no one has ever suggesting totaling up our assets. you know - like how much is the value of our National Parks. or purchases: our military arsenal? all of the federal land value? how about office buildings? and like other big bidness - what dollar amount does the USA put on our "brand". see where i'm going here? all of that adds up to trillions of dollars on the plus side. add that dollar amount to the income column - that's how much we collect in all kinds of federal taxes. that's what the debt should be balanced against. but it doesn't make a great scary sound bite.

  64. Bank Slayer 1833
    Bank Slayer 1833
    10 timmar sedan

    Interest rates are low because national central banks lowered them to stimulate the economy, and have been doing this for 10 - 20 years. Duh, sigh. What the hell is Mr. Oliver and that bank shill from the IMF talking about?! I like John...he makes me laugh. He raised a good point - that the value of debt should be judged not just by it's amount but by it's contribution. But this episode gets a D-. I'm disappointed ... it sounds like the NWO snagged Jonny this week, brethren. :-(

  65. quelorepario
    10 timmar sedan

    John is landing more jokes than ever. He is aging like a fine vinegar.

  66. Johnathan Geek
    Johnathan Geek
    10 timmar sedan

    The Republicans do it too, so it must be ok! No, that is why Americans need to support a third party. America could have had Ross Perot in 1992 but most were cowards and didn't want to "throw away their vote". How did that work out for us? Clinton, Bush, Obama, what's the difference?

  67. Carl Atteniese II
    Carl Atteniese II
    10 timmar sedan

    I rather have to chuckle when a Frenchman says, unselfconsciously, “to be frank....”

  68. SATAN
    10 timmar sedan

    And who do we really owe the money to. The federal reserve.

  69. Cory Long
    Cory Long
    11 timmar sedan

    John tried really hard not to commit to a side of the actual issue, but if there is a calamitous debt crisis, that ending skit is gonna age like milk.

    1. Ignominal
      7 timmar sedan

      Who doesn't love a good cheese?!

  70. moneyman 111
    moneyman 111
    11 timmar sedan

    Lesson is America is a corporation that does all kinds business

  71. PiffTheMagicDragonzord
    11 timmar sedan

    SEget! Stop showing me this video over and over!

  72. Phoenix Blade
    Phoenix Blade
    11 timmar sedan

    You know that kid at the end was like "I got to curse and not get in trouble! :D" haha

  73. S Quall
    S Quall
    11 timmar sedan

    John Oliver. Leftard extraordinare.

  74. lotrdude13
    11 timmar sedan

    I live in Kansas, which has notoriously been a red state, and in my Civics class in high school we literally learned about how the debt works. I wonder how it's taught elsewhere that results in dumb people making the dumb claims about the debt they know nothing about.

    1. Leslie Scoren
      Leslie Scoren
      11 timmar sedan

      Kansas is a well educated red state statistically, it’s the rural rural areas that pump out dimwits like that. I’ve never seen a genius from Wyoming...

  75. Navdeep Handa
    Navdeep Handa
    11 timmar sedan

    these are some of the best jokes in an episode recently 😄

  76. jingleban
    12 timmar sedan

    I think the Ultimate question we all need to be asking ourselves is... Why are we paying taxes when we are somehow spending more than we make annually on a regular basis???

  77. Fn A
    Fn A
    12 timmar sedan

    Why is Hunter Biden not arrested for lying on his ATF 4473 form? 1% privilege?

  78. savoir faire
    savoir faire
    12 timmar sedan

    Throwing money at more social programs like schools n Medicare for all is what got us here. More money hasn't been the solution. Liberal utopian society is a road paved with good intentions 2 hell

  79. kinzer69
    12 timmar sedan

    Who do we owe the money too? Well kill them...

  80. savoir faire
    savoir faire
    12 timmar sedan

    Lefties will be the death of this country

  81. Kwame
    12 timmar sedan


  82. C L
    C L
    12 timmar sedan

    Everyone should watch ur show. But I’m not sure a lot of people would understand it. U do know the kind of idiots we have here right? Lol.

  83. Jonathan Richter
    Jonathan Richter
    12 timmar sedan

    So let me get this straight, John. Trump's tax cuts were bad because they increased the deficit by $1.9 trillion over a 10 YEAR period? Joe Biden has already signed a $1.9 trillion spending bill for THIS YEAR, allegedly for Covid relief but mostly actually payoffs to unions and cronies. And now wants another $2.3 trillion for "infrastructure" which will be more political payoffs. And he hasn't even gotten to health care yet. You want people to think that concerns about the debt aren't a big deal because you're clever enough to make up a joke about them? Or maybe just about the people delivering the message. Really, Reagan's statement that the way the beat inflation was to balance the budget shouldn't be taken seriously because during the 1960s, while a politician, on the Johnny Carson show, he referred to virginity as "virtue"? THAT'S your argument? Yes, some of our biggest and best companies did use debt to get themselves off the ground. BUT THEN THEY STOPPED!! They paid back what they owed and started making money. We don't ever stop. Quite the contrary. Last year's lunacy is justification for even more today and tomorrow. Yes, some local governments use debt to build infrastructure. At least there's a concrete, long-lasting return on your investment. But most of our debt is just paying for transfer payments. We're not building equity the way a homeowner does with a mortgage. It's just gone. And in it's place are interest payments. These pay for absolutely nothing. Not factories or roads or broadband connections. Not even a transfer payment to keep some inefficient government program on life support. It's the cost of being allowed to borrow the money in the first place. It's how lenders make money. You're a leftist attack dog. Spin, spin, spin. Just because you're funny doesn't make you right.Read some Thomas Sowell and lose that moronic MMT BS.

  84. Elle Fields
    Elle Fields
    12 timmar sedan

    Let’s not forget Reagan cut mental healthcare which later snowballed into creating republicans s favourite thing to complain about other than national debt and Hillary Clinton and that would be the homeless.

  85. Greta Turdberg
    Greta Turdberg
    12 timmar sedan

    Save your 22:25, R bad D good. This guy is a tax cheat. Using a complicated system involving dual revocable trusts, a shell corporation named for their dog and a now-expired New York City tax law called the 421a exemption, Oliver and his wife managed to lower their condo’s tax assessment to just $607,000 in 2015

  86. Nick Miller
    Nick Miller
    13 timmar sedan

    John Oliver has proven himself to be stupid many times in the past, but he's now proving himself to be DANGEROUSLY stupid. Please please please do your own research.

  87. cnmmd qiuoo
    cnmmd qiuoo
    13 timmar sedan

    "Are you spending money on the right things?" "No."

  88. The Algerian
    The Algerian
    13 timmar sedan

    You could start by stop spending billions and billions to kill thousands of people every year overseas. You know, start acting like people outside your borders are human beings too? Great propaganda piece, by the way. Kind of remind me of the way Trevor Noah somehow found absolutely nothing else to say about Julian Assange's arrest than to make fun of his beard.

  89. Kamil Wrzaskowski
    Kamil Wrzaskowski
    13 timmar sedan

    You are right, and we need to share this to people

  90. Mark Pineda
    Mark Pineda
    13 timmar sedan

    Your content is garbage. Your not funny. Cancel this show please

    1. Honorary Bosnian
      Honorary Bosnian
      13 timmar sedan

      He's not funny at all but politically he's great and pushes people in the right direction.

  91. Miguel Chaves
    Miguel Chaves
    13 timmar sedan

    This is straight up propaganda

    1. Honorary Bosnian
      Honorary Bosnian
      13 timmar sedan

      Ikr Conservatives have convinced Americans to completely ignore them running our economy into the ground literally every time theyre in power

  92. McOwen
    13 timmar sedan

    John Oliver and his entire writing staff are TRASH.

    1. cnmmd qiuoo
      cnmmd qiuoo
      13 timmar sedan

      attacks? For all the moral grand standing you do, you seem be doing nothing but further dividing us.

  93. HN Music
    HN Music
    13 timmar sedan

    something makes me doubt, that America will all of a sudden become "profitable" in the somewhat near future. This is kinda implied here and I just don't see it... Even if there is no clear tipping point, just ignoring debt maybe isn't the best idea ever... ... of course this is not what he's saying! Greetings from Germany PS: We have a lot of debate about this topic here as well. And I think that the crisis is of course not helping to get rid of debt, but that's a problem every country in the world has to face atm :)

  94. Geld McSweld
    Geld McSweld
    13 timmar sedan

    This is incredibly myopic. I know that's par for the course but really, this glosses over whether it not our entitlements are good investments. Not only that, but it generally bases the value of debt on investments in future production which we just are not doing. In fact, the expert who said "if you're borrowing money just to spend more money, then you have a problem." Perfectly described the entitlements we have and even the wars John rages against later. The entire argument is based off the idea that the Democrats and Republicans are opposites and that you are clearly one of them. Republicans don't care about the debt. Libertarians understand the debt is a threat to our economy and a bad investment. Beyond that we hate our expensive wars. Furthermore we want to bring tax cuts to the average person and dissolve corporate welfare. What on earth about Stossel's point was illfounded? I encourage you to watch that video. Johns point about interest rates is worthless. We set interest rates in this country and we are on the verge if an inflationary crisis. A shameful argument. A bad video. I wish it was comedic. Become a libertarian, unsubscribe from this drivel, and dont worry, youtube will autoplay for you anyway.

  95. weopuirtfhjijokah4wegujhoerjh
    13 timmar sedan

    1. A dollar that the government spends is a dollar that someone earns. 2. Owing China 1 billion is your problem. Owing them 1 trillion is their problem. 3. Greece can be bullied into higher interest rates by 500 billion dollar Kraut banks. The USA less so. 4. The disaster that's been going on since the 80's is the result of neoliberalism, deregulation and free capital flow. 5. The amount of debt isn't the problem. The lack of productive capital is.

  96. Octavio A.
    Octavio A.
    13 timmar sedan

    It's because they're stealing it and buying yachts and private jets.

  97. Octavio A.
    Octavio A.
    13 timmar sedan

    You heard him, a future war with China. They're coming to collect!

  98. Justina Andeme
    Justina Andeme
    13 timmar sedan

    The kindhearted wolf intialy squeak because position sicily dislike next a closed tyvek. available, light heart

  99. Juliet Cunningham
    Juliet Cunningham
    13 timmar sedan

    Dick Cheney: "Deficits don't matter."

  100. Thomas Taylor
    Thomas Taylor
    13 timmar sedan

    "A favorite kind of graphing calculator" lol. Mines is the HP Prime...